Taboola Alternatives for Small & Big Publishers: Native Ad Networks 2023

You might know that Google AdSense has long been the primary ad platform for many businesses. Most businesses stick to these networks because they allow them to contact their target clients and drive traffic as needed. These platforms, however, are too expensive.

With these platforms, marketers and publishers lost sight of less costly but equally successful native advertising possibilities.

You may remain ahead of the competition by expanding your market reach and targeting your unique audience with native advertisements. And therefore, you have Taboola as your preferred ad network. Right?

But what if I tell you there are more updated Taboola Alternatives? Well, you heard that right. In this post, let us get familiar with the top native ad networks that work magic for publishers. So, shall we get started?


Taboola Alternatives

Top 4 Taboola Alternatives | Best Native Ad-Networks



Want a high-quality native ad network? Well, no need to think further than SmartyAds. This native ad platform provides its demand and supply partners access to many ad networks. Instead, it goes above and above to provide its clients with a comprehensive suite of rich programmable solutions.

SmartyAds established a detailed programmatic infrastructure, including DSP, SSP, white-label, and Ad Exchange platforms. Smartyads’ comprehensive service can benefit both publishers and advertising.

They have quick access to new channels and tools for media purchasing and monetization with this inclusive stack.

Key Features:

  • SmartyAds’ native advertisements for publishers’ platform work with the best traffic sources from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, India, and Russia. Hence, it ensures a strong fill rate across all verticals.
  • Any native advertising publisher may use SmartyAds SSP to provide video ad units appropriate for their context.
  • Publishers are constantly ready to connect to premium advertisers thanks to SmartyAds SSP’s RTB link and competition-enhancing features such as header bidding.



Outbrain is a Taboola alternative that has been around for quite some time. It was established in 2006 and is well-known for its exceptional quality. However, if you want to gain access to Outbrain’s network, a website must receive one million US visitors every month. Yes! That’s true.

The platform’s targeting includes the use of location, device platform, audience segmentation, and interest targeting, which marketers may use in complex ways to reach out to ideal consumers.

In a nutshell, Outbrain assists you in reaching the appropriate audience, resulting in greater engagement and user happiness.

It also functions as a content discovery tool, helping visitors in discovering relevant and crucial information while also assisting you in increasing your online visibility and expanding your reach in the digital age.

Key Features:

  • Content suggestions that are personalized depending on user activity and interests.
  • For broad reach, Outbrain has a vast network of premium publications.
  • Advanced algorithms for engaging a specific audience.
  • Tools for detailed analytics and reporting on performance.
  • Brand safety processes to ensure that material appears alongside trustworthy sources.



Revcontent is new in the native advertising industry and looks to find a balance between affiliate convenience and publisher quality.

Revcontent is swiftly earning a reputation as the fastest-growing native ad network. It is quite proud of the high standards it sets for publishers. According to its website, it rejects 98% of all application publishers. One of the conditions for its publishers is that they have at least 50,000 monthly visitors.

Also, when we talk about the results, Revcontent states that its novel monetization technology and strong service standards generate 20%-40% greater CPM rates than other native advertising firms.

It has diverse business vertical traffic. And additionally recommends 250 billion bits of material to people in the United States. The network hosts a variety of publications from various business sectors throughout the world. Forbes, Wayfair, and Bank of America are among the publishers on the platform.

Key Features

  • Premium publishers have the opportunity of working with a variety of direct advisers.
  • It has a dedicated support crew that is available at all times.
  • Premium CPMs are available in a variety of geographies.
  • Publishers may improve the functionality and effectiveness of their advertising by using widgets such as custom API, native, and non-native.
  • There are other widgets available to obtain audience insights.
  • It provides solutions for monetizing desktop and mobile apps.
  • CPC and CPM bidding mechanisms are available to advertisers.

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Adcash is among the top-ranked platform if you want to start affiliate marketing. The reason is, AdCash is a completely transparent self-service DSP platform that has taken over the advertising industry since 2007.

As a result, if you’re looking for an ideal place to start affiliate marketing, Adcash’s internet advertising network is highly recommended. It is a simple platform that allows you to execute, evaluate, and manage all your ad campaigns in one location.

You may also utilize the platform to bring together all of your media-buying initiatives because it has links to all the main SSPs and their exclusive publishers.

The platform has excellent traffic, reach, and format. AdCash receives around ten billion ad requests every day. These ad requests include native, popunder, push notifications, display, and interstitial ads.

Key Features:

  • The platform’s top GEOs are mostly Tier 1 nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Because of its partnerships with the majority of SSPs, the ad network has an unrestricted worldwide reach.
  • AdCash’s in-house team evaluates advertisements and campaigns before they are run to guarantee they are following business regulations.
  • Only commercials and campaigns that adhere to policy are allowed. Approval typically takes four to five hours.
  • AdCash features sophisticated targeting options that allow you to create adverts and reach your targeted audience.

Summing Up: Taboola Alternatives

You could benefit from offering Taboola Alternatives native advertising as a publisher whether your website offers content or media. A native ad will blend in with your media or text to give your customers a distraction-free experience. Since pop-up media advertising or banner ads that get in the way can ruin the experience.

It’s now up to you to try and test these top hand-picked ad networks to see which ones best suit your demands.

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