Outbrain Alternatives 2023: High Paying Native Ad-networks

Want to try your hands on the top native ad monetization platforms to reach your financial goals, increase revenue, and grow your website other than Outbrain?

Well, no doubt Outbrain has been a popular choice for publishers to monetize their content.

However, it’s high time to consider alternatives that offer a fresh perspective and potentially better results.

Here are the top 5 Outbrain Alternatives that will help you reach your targeted audiences.

Outbrain Alternatives

Top 5 Outbrain Alternatives: 2023 Guide



Without a doubt, Taboola is one of the best alternatives to Outbrain. You might have heard about this platform if you’re in the publishing market because it is well-known for its customized suggestions, which increase user engagement.

Taboola’s powerful algorithms examine user behavior to generate more relevant content, which results in higher click-through rates and higher user happiness.

Taboola’s collaboration with several premium publishers also promises that your content will reach a large and significant audience.

The platform also includes powerful analytics features that enable publishers to obtain insights into their audience’s preferences and actions.

Criteria for using Taboola

  • Taboola is ideal for publishers with several content types to promote, such as articles, videos, and multimedia.
  • Publishers who want to reach more people and take advantage of Taboola’s huge network of premium publishers should think about using the platform.
  • Taboola’s powerful algorithms are useful, especially when it comes to giving customized content suggestions based on user behavior and interests.
  • Taboola helps publishers that want to increase engagement metrics like click-through rates and on-site time by recommending tailored and relevant content.
  • Taboola’s extensive analytics tools are useful for publishers that want to improve their content strategy by gaining in-depth insights into audience preferences and performance indicators.

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Next comes Zemanta as one of the top alternatives for Outbtrain. For publishers, the platform provides a simple and effective content discovery solution.

Its simple interface enables publishers to integrate content suggestions into their websites without requiring substantial technological knowledge.

The platform’s technology improves content suggestions in real-time, ensuring that users only see items that are relevant to them.

Zemanta’s native ad formats blend in with the style of the website, improving the overall user experience and decreasing ad fatigue.

Criteria for using Zemanta

  • Zemanta is suitable for publishers that want to easily integrate content recommendations without requiring serious technical knowledge.
  • Publishers who want to integrate native advertisements into the design of their website will benefit from Zemanta’s straightforward and non-disruptive approach.
  • If real-time content suggestion optimization is a goal, Zemanta’s algorithm guarantees that customers receive the most relevant material.
  • Zemanta is ideal for publishers that want to provide a great user experience by utilizing native ad formats that blend in naturally with the page.
  • Zemanta’s unobtrusive suggestions can assist in sustaining user interest over time for those looking to reduce ad fatigue and banner blindness.



AdStage is a powerful and easy-to-use platform designed for publishers who want to simplify and improve their advertising campaigns across numerous platforms.

AdStage was created to reduce the complexity of managing advertisements by providing a unified location for publishers to build, manage, and evaluate campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

This saves time while also ensuring consistent messages and efficient money allocation.

So, whether you’re a small publisher searching for efficiency or an enterprise trying to grow operations, AdStage provides the tools you need to maximize reach, engagement, and return on investment across several advertising channels.

Criteria for using AdStage

  • AdStage fits the bill for publishers looking for centralized control and efficient management of advertising campaigns across different channels.
  • AdStage’s all-in-one platform will assist publishers wanting to save time and effort in campaign planning, monitoring, and analysis.
  • If data-driven decision-making is critical, AdStage’s real-time performance measurements and analytics enable publishers to successfully optimize their strategies.
  • AdStage is ideal for publishers who want to maintain consistency and identity across many advertising channels to increase audience engagement.
  • AdStage provides solutions to enhance reach, engagement, and ROI across multiple platforms, whether you are a small publisher looking for efficiency or a large business looking to scale.



Gravity, a platform for content customization, focuses on adapting content recommendations to individual user’s interests and habits.

Gravity gives highly customized content suggestions by knowing user preferences and utilizing machine learning algorithms, which may greatly increase user engagement and involvement.

Gravity also gives significant information about the content consumption patterns of publishers’ audiences, allowing them to fine-tune their content strategies.

This data-driven strategy ensures that your content reaches the intended audience, resulting in increased click-through rates and longer on-site engagement.

Criteria for using Gravity

  • Gravity is suitable for publishers who want to prioritize customized suggestions for content to increase user engagement and interaction.
  • Gravity will be useful to publishers looking for crucial insights into user preferences and habits for data-informed content initiatives.
  • Gravity is a good solution if you want to offer a variety of content types and deliver personalized suggestions across articles, videos, and more.
  • Gravity is ideal for publishers who want to provide a smooth browsing experience by recommending relevant and uniquely curated content.
  • Gravity’s algorithms can be used to boost click-through rates and increase on-site engagement through customized content discovery.



Last but not least, let’s see what MGID has stored for you.

MGID is a dynamic content discovery engine designed specifically for publishers looking to increase their online reach and engagement.

It works with a worldwide network of premium publishers to assist them in increasing audience reach and traffic through native advertising.

The sophisticated algorithmic targeting of MGID ensures that content recommendations match user interests and improve engagement metrics.

Real-time analytics provide vital insights to publishers, enabling data-driven decisions for content strategy improvement. In the competitive digital market, MGID enables publishers to attract consumers, optimize income, and drive brand growth.

Criteria for using MGID

  • MGID is ideal for publishers looking to extend their worldwide audience through a network of quality publishers and advertisers.
  • Publishers looking to maintain a consistent user experience with non-disruptive native ad formats can benefit from MGID.
  • If increasing user engagement metrics such as click-through rates and on-site time is a goal, MGID’s algorithmic targeting can assist.
  • Publishers that want real-time analytics to obtain insights into audience preferences and make educated content strategy decisions would profit from MGID.
  • MGID provides a platform to enhance monetization efforts for publishers looking to maximize income by leveraging native advertising options.

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Conclusion: Outbrain Alternatives

So, these are the top five hand-picked alternatives for Outbrain. As a publisher, you can find the one that best fits your goals and target audience.

Each of the alternatives discussed above has its own set of features and benefits, including personalized suggestions for global reach and niche-focused targeting.

You may increase user engagement, boost traffic, and cultivate a devoted audience by expanding your content discovery approach and considering these options.

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