Monetag vs Adsterra: Which is Best? | PropellerAds vs Adsterra

Today, the world of digital advertising is witnessing remarkable growth, all thanks to advanced advertising platforms.

And now, publishers and advertisers are looking for the best platform to maximize their reach and revenue.

Monetag and Adsttera are among the many ad networks that provide various advertising and publishing solutions.

So, let’s take a look at the article to understand what these platforms have stored for you.

Monetag vs Adsterra


Monetag (PropellerAds): Overview

Monetag is an outstanding digital advertising platform that provides a simple and user-friendly solution for publishers hoping to successfully monetize their digital content.

This platform is an essential partner, allowing publishers to take full advantage of the earning potential of their websites, applications, and other digital content.

Being a publisher, you have access to many ad types, including classic display banners, native advertisements, push notifications, and pop-unders.


With such a wide range, you can experiment and identify the most attractive ad formats that appeal to your audience and improve revenue customers.

Furthermore, Monetag provides publishers with powerful targeting possibilities.

And advertisers can target specific audience groups, guaranteeing that the correct advertising reaches the right people and, therefore, it results in increased click-through rates and user engagement.

Monetag Features

Key features of Monetag:

  • Diverse Ad Formats

Monetag provides several ad forms, allowing publishers to reach out to a wide range of audience preferences.

Monetag gives publishers the freedom to pick the most engaging and successful ad kinds for their digital content.

  • System for Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

As stated earlier, Monetag’s real-time bidding function provides publishers with a dynamic auction process.

Advertisers put real-time bids on ad placements to guarantee that publishers receive the best price for their ad inventory.

  • Robust Targeting Capabilities

Monetag offers advanced targeting capabilities for marketers, allowing them to directly contact certain audiences.

Monetag improves user engagement, click-through rates, and in the end, the effectiveness of ad campaigns by presenting relevant advertising to the proper users.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Monetag is a user-friendly platform that allows publishers to easily explore and manage their ad inventory.

The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of setting up and monitoring ad campaigns, saving publishers time and effort.

  • Payments and Support

Monetag prioritizes publisher happiness and assures timely payments, building confidence and reliability.

Also, the platform provides rapid customer service, immediately answering any problems or inquiries to improve the overall user experience.

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Benefits of Using Monetag

  • Monetag’s broad advertiser network offers access to various global campaigns, increasing ad demand and potential income.
  • Monetag maintains high ad quality standards while providing a tidy and good user experience for website visitors, resulting in more user trust and engagement.
  • The platform provides rich reporting and analytics solutions to publishers, allowing them to make data-driven decisions based on ad performance and audience engagement.
  • It also has various payment ways, letting you select your preferred payment method and making the income withdrawal process easy and painless.
  • Publishers have comprehensive and customized services, helping them with problems or questions and guaranteeing a seamless and effective partnership experience.

Now, let’s see what Adsterra has stored for you.

Adsterra: Overview

Just so you know, Adsterra is a popular and widely used digital advertising platform that connects publishers and advertisers. It allows seamless monetization of websites, applications, and other digital content.

Adsterra, founded in 2013, has quickly emerged as a market leader in the advertising business, providing unique and effective solutions for publishers and advertisers.

If you’re a publisher, Adsterra will give you several ways to monetize your web content by offering access to a diverse choice of high-quality advertising campaigns.


The platform focuses on generating income and provides a variety of ad forms, including pop-under advertisements, interstitial ads, banner ads, and push notifications.

It will allow publishers to select the most appropriate formats for their audience.

All thanks to the company’s dedication to offering cutting-edge technology, the best client service, and strict compliance with industry standards.

Adsterra is a successful platform in the market. The platform’s dependable payments and open reporting add to its growing following among publishers and advertisers.

Moving forward, check out Adsterra’s primary features in the next section.

Adsterra Features

Key Features of Adsterra

  • Ad Types

Adsterra provides a variety of ad types, including pop-under advertisements, interstitial ads, banner ads, push notifications, and more.

This variety enables marketers to select the most engaging forms for their campaigns and efficiently reach their intended audience.

  • Worldwide Reach

Adsterra offers a large network of publishers and advertisers in numerous nations and regions, giving marketers a global reach.

Advertisers may use this vast reach to grow their market presence and engage with worldwide audiences.

  • High CPM Rates

Adsterra is known for offering competitive CPM rates, ensuring that publishers receive adequate payment for showing advertisements on their platforms.

This increased earning potential encourages publishers that want to maximize their ad income.

  • Reliable Payments

Adsterra pays its publishers on time and with a variety of payment options.

This one-time payment method guarantees that publishers receive their money on time, leading to a constant and steady revenue stream.

  • Support

Adsterra provides specialized customer support to assist publishers with any questions, problems, or technical issues they may encounter.

The support crew is attentive and dedicated to making the platform a great experience for publishers.

Benefits of Adsterra

  • Adsterra’s multiple ad types and high CPM rates give publishers attractive monetization options.
  • The platform is simple to use and browse, making it straightforward for publishers to set up and manage ad campaigns without technological complexities.
  • It supports strict ad quality standards, ensuring that publishers’ websites are not overloaded with low-quality or invasive advertisements.
  • Adsterra accepts several payment methods, allowing publishers to select their chosen payment method for easy income withdrawal.
  • The company offers extensive and transparent data, providing publishers with crucial insights into ad performance and revenue.

Monetag vs Adsterra: Features Comparison

Monetag vs Adsterra Features Comparison Table

Monetag and Adsterra are two well-known digital advertising platforms, each with a set of unique features geared toward publishers and advertisers.

Monetag optimizes income and user experience by providing a variety of ad types, real-time bidding, and accurate targeting.

And when we look at Adsterra, the platform expands marketers’ market presence by providing worldwide reach, new ad formats, and high-quality visitors.

Both provide consistent payments and client service. Hence, choosing between these two completely depends on your preferences and your goal.

Monetag vs Adsterra | Final Thought

Overall you can say that choosing between Monetag v/s Adsterra can be quite overwhelming because each comes with a unique set of features. So, go with the one that best suits your needs.

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