Ezoic vs Adsterra: Which Ad-network is Best for Publishers?

Ezoic and Adsterra are two of the most successful ad platforms available in the online marketplace today.

Site owners all around the world actively utilize both ad networks. They enable you to monetize your website successfully and boost its performance.

However, each network has its own set of features and benefits. Let’s see what these two platforms have in store for you.

So it’s Ezoic vs Adsterra.

Ezoic vs Adsterra

Ezoic: Overview

For starters, Ezoic is an AI-powered platform that helps publishers maximize ad income and improve user experience.


It runs ongoing experiments using advanced algorithms for machine learning to identify the most effective ad locations, formats, and variants.

The platform also promotes user engagement and strives to achieve a healthy balance between ad income and site performance.

Its artificial intelligence-driven patterns offer customized website designs depending on visitor behavior, assuring optimal ad viewability and user delight.

Listed below are the main features of Ezoic that make it one of the most trusted platforms. Have a look.

Ezoic Key Features

Ezoic: Key Features

  • Ezoic’s AI-powered ad optimization:

This feature is a game-changer for publishers.

Because it examines and optimizes numerous ad positions, formats, and combinations automatically to determine the most profitable configurations.

  • Customized Website Layouts

Based on user behavior, Ezoic’s AI algorithms generate specific website layouts.

These dynamic layouts ensure that each visitor has a unique interface, improving user engagement and the possibility of ad interactions.

  • Profit Dashboard

Ezoic provides publishers with a complete revenue dashboard that generates real-time insights into ad performance.

You can efficiently improve your income strategy by tracking key indicators, analyzing trends, and making data-driven choices.

  • Multiple Ad Network Integration

Ezoic interacts smoothly with several ad networks, including the major ones, Google AdSense and AdX.

This connection increases the possible number of advertisers, increasing competition for ad places and perhaps contributing to increased ad prices for publishers.

  • User Experience Optimization

Ezoic prioritizes the user experience.

Publishers may guarantee that advertising complements rather than detracts from their content by balancing ad placements with website performance.

Ezoic: Benefits

Now, check out some of the many benefits of Ezoic that will surely boost your revenue and publishing game.

  • The AI-powered platform has an ongoing testing process that guarantees that publishers always show the most profitable ad combinations to their audiences.
  • Ads are intentionally positioned in areas that generate more user interaction with Ezoic’s data-driven strategy.
  • It provides a more interesting and relevant user experience, allowing users to stay on the website for longer periods, lowering bounce rates, and improving session length.
  • The integration of Ezoic with several ad networks opens the door to connecting with premium advertisers and demand partners.
  • The automated and AI-powered features of Ezoic reduce the need for manual ad testing and tweaking. It frees up publishers’ time to focus on developing high-quality content and growing their websites.

Similarly, there are many benefits to using Ezoic for your advertising and publishing purposes. And to get these advantages, you have to try out the platform for yourself.

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Adsterra: Overview

If you’re in the digital advertising market, you’ve probably heard about Adsterra.


It is a worldwide ad network that connects advertisers and publishers while offering a comprehensive platform for successful ad management.

This platform offers publishers the flexibility to pick the best ad types for their websites and target audience by providing several choices of ad formats, such as display banners, popunders, and push notifications.

As Publishers, you can display relevant ads to specific audiences using the platform’s rich targeting features, like geo-targeting and audience segmentation, boosting user engagement and income potential.

Adsterra’s fast and simple approval procedure speeds up the integration for publishers, ensuring that ad campaigns get going as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the platform uses anti-adblock technology to improve ad visibility, offering greater returns for publishers and the best results for advertisers.

Adsterra: Key Features

  • Ad kinds

Adsterra provides publishers with a variety of ad types, such as display banners, popunders, push notifications, interstitial advertising, and more.

  • Targeting Options

With Adsterra, you can target specific audiences with advertisements by displaying them based on things like location, device type, and browsing habits.

  • Quick Approval procedure

Adsterra speeds up its approval procedure for publishers, helping them to quickly activate their ad campaigns.

This tool is useful for new publishers who want to monetize their websites quickly and without any extra delays.

  • Anti-Adblock Technology

Adsterra utilizes anti-adblock technologies to fight ad blockers, guaranteeing that advertisements are visible to users who would otherwise block them.

  • Timely Payouts

Adsterra is known for its reliable and prompt payment methods.

Publishers can expect prompt payouts, which are critical for maintaining a consistent income stream and building confidence between the platform and its publishers.

Adsterra | Benefits

  • Adsterra connects publishers with a large network of global advertisers, letting them reach a wide range of people throughout the world.
  • It provides professional assistance and direction to publishers,
  • Adsterra offers publishers precise, real-time performance information to assist them in making data-driven choices.
  • Publishers enjoy a safe environment by securing their websites and ad interactions from potential dangers.
  • Adsterra’s high ad rates and revenue-generating alternatives can help publishers enhance their revenues from their websites.

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Comparison: Ezoic vs Adsterra

Now, let’s compare Ezoic vs Adsterra the most popular website monetization platform to help you make your decision.

Comparison: Ezoic vs Adsterra

Focus and strategy:

  • Ezoic focuses on website optimization and user experience to increase ad income through AI-driven testing and customized layouts.
  • Adsterra’s primary goal is to link advertisers and publishers to optimize ad income through various ad formats and targeted campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation:

  • Ezoic relies heavily on AI and automation to automatically test and optimize ad layouts and placements.
  • Adsterra uses AI for ad targeting and optimization; however, it doesn’t give as much attention to website layout optimization.

Advertisement Formats:

  • Ezoic focuses on improving ad placements from present ad networks; hence, the ad formats available are limited to those given by the linked networks.
  • Adsterra offers a wider choice of ad formats directly through its platform, providing publishers with additional ad presentation freedom.

Approval Procedure:

  • Because of the emphasis on AI-driven optimization and website layout adjustments, Ezoic’s onboarding process may be more extensive.
  • Adsterra’s approval procedure is fairly quick and simple, making it easier for publishers to start earning from their websites as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Ezoic and Adsterra have their own unique set of features that set them apart. Now, it’s your time to decide which ad network to choose according to your advertising and publishing needs.

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