BuySellAds Alternatives 2023: 7 High Paying Ad-network for Publishers

Advertising serves as essential for every business. However, in 2023, companies want to focus their advertisements and install them in valuable real estate.

Real estate may be your website, allowing you to make cash while offering a platform for advertisers and publishers to promote their products and services. Agree?

For this reason, many firms work together with ad networks. Advertisers may use these web platforms to run advertisements with various publishers and manage their campaigns from a single spot.

And the fact that you’re reading this article means that you’ve probably heard of BuySellAds and might have used its services. Yet, you are now looking for buysellads alternatives that provide extra benefits. Isn’t that true?

BuySellAds Alternatives

Well, you’re in luck if that’s the case. Because we have the top 7 hand-picked BuySellAds alternatives that will take your advertising game to the next level.

Top 7 BuySellAds Alternatives in 2023:

Google AdSense

Google Adsense

When most people think about ad networks, the first thing that pops up in mind is Google AdSense. It allows publishers to make ad space accessible on their site by simply inserting an ad code into it, and it can even be integrated into WordPress via a plugin.

After that, publishers may pick where they want their adverts to display. There’s also the option to have Google perform experiments to determine the ideal ad placement on your pages.

The advertisers then bid on placement and the ads with the highest bids display on your site. Once that occurs, the publishers get compensated. The minimum payout level for AdSense is $100.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, Amazon is one of the first major players. Amazon Associates is a marketing scheme that allows publishers to manually insert product links on their websites.

There’s also a hands-off solution called Native Shopping Ads, which allows you to show Amazon goods organically based on the page they appear on.

You earn a commission when people click on your advertising and make a purchase. Not only that, but you’ll receive a commission on any subsequent purchases made by the customer after clicking on one of your links. Amazon Associates has a low reward limit of $10.



Ezoic is a full-service ad delivery platform merging multiple ad networks into one platform, allowing you to access hundreds of them effortlessly, including Google’s coveted AdX network, which is only available to Google Certified Publishing Partners.

Powered by Ezoic’s unique AI, your visitors receive optimal ad experiences down to the visitor level, ensuring that each visitor only receives the number, position, and size of advertising to which they are most responsive.

Publishers get access to Google’s prized AdX portfolio of advertising partners since Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner.

AdX is not available through Google Adsense; nonetheless, this premium level of advertisers implies that publishers will have better-paid advertisements displayed on their sites.

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Mediavine is a well-known ad network in the lifestyle content area. This network has seen a lot of success with travel blogs, cuisine websites, home improvement platforms, and parent blogs.

While these are the most successful verticals, the network is not confined to the lifestyle center. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Mediavine requires a minimum of 50,000 monthly visitors. The network pays out on a Net 65 basis, which means you’ll get your money in 65 days.

On the fifth of each month, all payments are made. As part of a special loyalty benefit, you earn an increase in your revenue share every year. The minimum payment barrier ranges between $25 and $200 depending on the payment method you choose.

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Infolinks is an ad network that improves the relevancy and user involvement of your content by adding contextual adverts with precise keywords.

Infolinks provides a perfect connection between the advertising and your content by effortlessly integrating these adverts into your content. Users will see the adverts when they click on the highlighted phrases, increasing interaction.

Infolinks uses various ad types adding contextual adverts to enhance revenue generation and user experience.

Static notice bar advertising at the bottom of the screen, interstitial ads that show between page views, and vertical ads displayed on either side of your website are examples of this.



Taboola is an advertising network that uses content recommendations to monetize your blog or website. These ideas show as advertising after your site’s content, providing additional value to your visitors.

To become a publisher on Taboola, you must have at least 500,000 monthly visitors. This guarantees that your website has a large audience and the possibility for engagement.

Once are recognized as a publisher, Taboola will begin the payment process, with your first payment arriving 45 days following the conclusion of your first month with the network.

You may tap into Taboola’s wide network and profit from the specific material suggestions they give when you integrate it into your website. It allows you to create new income sources while improving the user experience.

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Well, saving the best for the last, let’s see what AdThrive has stored for you.

AdThrive is a network of lifestyle websites and blogs. This contains, among other things, parenting, culinary, travel, home renovation, and DIY blogs. AdThrive, like Mediavine, does not require you to be active in those verticals. They are just its best performers.

AdThrive is a network that guarantees payments, which means they will pay you even if an advertiser does not pay them. It mostly works with visitors from the United States. Therefore websites with a worldwide audience may not benefit as much.

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Summary | BuySellAds Alternatives

Finally, we can confidently state that there are various excellent alternatives to BuySellAds accessible in 2023. Some systems specialize in monetizing websites, providing publishers with dependable choices. Some concentrate on contextual advertising, which ensures that adverts are relevant to the content of the webpage.

Certain platforms provide a variety of ad types and high-quality visitors, while others promote engaging native advertisements.

By investigating these top seven options, you may choose the perfect platforms that will undoubtedly satisfy your individual advertising or monetization requirements in the evolving scenario of 2023.

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