AdThrive Alternatives 2023: Best Ad-Networks for Publishers

Are you sick of relying entirely on AdThrive to monetize your website? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at your destination! In this post will look at the top 10 AdThrive alternatives that have gained popularity in 2023. These options provide publishers with various options for increasing revenue and improving their online presence.

So, relax with your favorite drink, and let’s look thoroughly into the industry of ad monetization for publishers!

AdThrive Alternatives

Top 10 AdThrive Alternatives of 2023



Mediavine has established itself as a well-known name in the publishing sector. Mediavine, known for its excellent customer service and high RPM (revenue per thousand impressions), provides publishers with several ad formats, including video and native advertisements.

They ensure a smooth user experience by avoiding excessive ad clutter by prioritizing quality over quantity.

With a dedication to providing excellence, Mediavine has acquired a well-deserved reputation as a go-to platform for publishers seeking revenue optimization and customer delight.

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Ezoic stands out with its data-driven ad optimization methods. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Ezoic runs rigorous tests on numerous ad layouts, sizes, and positions to find the optimal mix that maximizes income.

Publishers may sit back and enjoy Ezoic’s outstanding work as it works magic to improve ad effectiveness.

Ezoic, with its emphasis on empirical data and cutting-edge technology, enables publishers to easily optimize their ad strategy, releasing the full potential of their revenue streams. Allow Ezoic to grab the wheel and lead the road for improved ad performance and increased earnings.

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AdPushup is committed to supporting publishers in increasing ad income while maintaining a consistent user experience.

Automated Ad Layout Optimisation takes the front stage, dynamically optimizing ad placements and sizes based on user behavior.

This strategy results in improved engagement and income. Furthermore, AdPushup simplifies the integration procedure, guaranteeing publishers have a trouble-free experience.

Their dedication to personalized service offers an added degree of ease and direction, ensuring publishers receive the help they need. Publishers can strike the optimal balance between revenue optimization and user pleasure with AdPushup as a trusted partner.



Adsterra brings up a world of the latest possibilities for publishers looking for new ways to monetize their content.

Adsterra, as a worldwide advertising network, offers a wide variety of ad formats, such as push notifications and pop-unders, allowing publishers to tap into new revenue sources. Publishers can easily track their performance with deep metrics and a user-friendly dashboard.

Adsterra’s extensive ad inventory and focus on maximizing eCPMs make it an appealing option for companies wishing to diversify their revenue streams. Enter the world of Adsterra to discover new opportunities for increasing your website’s revenue.



Publift is all about empowering publishers and providing them with the tools they need to succeed financially.

They ensure that publishers receive the most value for their money with their header bidding solutions and programmatic advertising alternatives. What’s more, guess what? They don’t just abandon you.

Publift has a customizable dashboard and extensive data to keep you informed. So, if you’re seeking a partner who has your back and knows how to increase your ad revenue, reach out to Publift. They’re the actual thing!



Let me now present you to Adnimation, the ad optimization guru! It excels in transforming regular advertisements into captivating works of art that capture attention.

They convert dull advertisements into eye-catching miracles that will make your website glow. However, Adnimation goes above and beyond by optimizing your ad placements to maximize your income potential.

Adnimation understands the art of balancing user experience with ad performance to achieve a win-win situation.

Adnimation is the name you need to know if you’re searching for a partner to brighten up your adverts and increase your revenue. They will elevate your website to new heights!



Let’s talk about PropellerAds, the monetization gurus making money from your website a breeze! It has a vast array of advertisements ready to shake your world.

PropellerAds has all, from eye-catching push alerts to attention-grabbing interstitials and native advertisements.

Setting up an appointment with them is simple, and the best part? They provide some pretty high eCPMs, which means more money in your wallet.

PropellerAds has your back, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned veteran. So, if you want to transform your website into a money machine, get on board the PropellerAds train. It’s monetization made simple!

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Publishers get the opportunity to properly monetize their visitors by having several strong targeting choices at their disposal.

Furthermore, gives publishers access to a large number of premium advertisers, increasing their earning potential., as a trusted partner, helps publishers to maximize the potential of their websites and capitalize on premium ad placements while keeping a user-friendly environment.

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Freestar is a well-known online monetization company that provides comprehensive solutions to publishers. They specialize in optimizing income sources as a trusted partner, using their smart ad management technology.

With a strong emphasis on user experience, Freestar guarantees that high-quality advertisements merge smoothly with page content, resulting in a non-intrusive surfing experience.

Their cutting-edge technology enables publishers by offering vital data, optimizing ad placements, and utilizing real-time bidding techniques. The devotion to performance and collaborative approach of Freestar has gained the trust of publishers looking to maximize their profits and streamline their monetization activities.



Last but not least, PubGalaxy is a well-known name in the area of publisher monetization, providing complete solutions to maximize income and improve website performance.

Their sophisticated platform provides access to premium demand sources, comprehensive ad optimization tools, and real-time data, empowering publishers.

PubGalaxy guarantees that advert smoothly blends with website content, establishing a balance between profitability and user engagement with a focus on offering a seamless user experience.

PubGalaxy helps publishers to realize their full income potential, make data-driven choices, and confidently manage the dynamic environment of digital advertising with their powerful technology and personalized assistance.

Summing Up: AdThrive Alternatives

Each of these AdThrive Alternatives offers unique features, strong customer support, and a publisher-focused approach.

However, finding the right ad network requires trial and error, as different platforms suit different publishers. So, don’t be afraid to test multiple alternatives and see which one works best for your specific needs.

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