Adsterra Alternatives: Ad-Networks for Small Websites with Low Traffic

Adsterra is without a doubt a world-leading advertising platform that receives over 10 billion impressions every month, making it an excellent choice for monetizing your site.

Adsterra is a world-leading advertising platform that receives over 10 billion impressions monthly, making it an excellent choice for monetizing your site.

Even though Adsterra enables publishers to create significant money via CPA, CPC, CPM, CPI, and CPL, there are some alternatives you should try your hands on.

Let us learn about the top Adsterra alternatives in this article.

Adsterra Alternatives 2023

Adsterra Alternatives for Small Websites 

Google AdSense

Google Adsense

Let’s start with the top most Adsterra alternative, which is Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is one of the world’s most widely used and trusted advertising platforms. It enables publishers to sell their content with specific advertising and gives advertisers access to a large network of websites.

Many people use this platform because of its powerful targeting choices, user-friendly layout, and dependable payment system.

One of AdSense’s finest features is its contextual targeting, which shows ads depending on the content of a webpage and offers a higher level of accuracy.

Also, its interaction with Google Analytics gives useful information regarding the success of your advertisements, allowing you to adjust your plan for the best results.

Reasons to Choose Google AdSense

  • The platform uses advanced algorithms to display advertising that closely matches the content of a webpage, providing the utmost relevancy for users.
  • AdSense provides a simple platform for publishers and advertisers to build and manage campaigns while gaining real-time analytics.
  • The service offers a variety of formats that fit neatly with diverse website layouts, ranging from text and display advertisements to responsive ads and video ads.
  • AdSense, with its vast network of publishers and advertisers globally, enables you to reach consumers on a global scale, boosting the reach of your business.
  • It also provides rich performance metrics, allowing you to measure ad performance, user interaction, and income creation for making better decisions.

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Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads is an innovative and creative digital marketing organization that focuses on providing customized traffic solutions.

It has earned a name for its cutting-edge techniques by boosting online exposure and encouraging meaningful engagement.

The platform creates desired consumers by combining technology and creative ideas. It also organizes efforts that provide measurable outcomes, whether through precision-targeted advertisements, influencer collaborations, or SEO improvement.

Apart from traffic learning, the platform also specializes in data-driven research, providing clients with detailed insights into the success of their campaigns.

This allows companies to fine-tune their strategy for even greater effect. Traffic Nomads continues at the forefront of the digital world, helping companies to negotiate the complexity of online marketing and survive in a competitive environment.

Reasons to Choose Traffic Nomads

  • Traffic Nomads specializes in laser-targeted marketing that links businesses with their ideal customers.
  • It keeps companies ahead of digital marketing trends when the agency implements innovative techniques.
  • Data-driven research provides customers with insights allowing maximum campaign success and ROI.
  • Traffic Nomads creates customized options that are in line with the aims and values of each company.
  • Traffic Nomads has a track record of delivering solid results in various sectors.



Among the top 5 lists of Adsterra alternatives is Datspush.

Datspush emerges as an integral player in push notification advertising, shaping how businesses interact with their target audience.

Datspush has developed a place in the digital marketing environment by offering successful and subtle ad experiences. It is a specialized push advertising network that offers hundreds of ad types, such as in-page, native, and popunder.

So, as a publisher, you can quickly set up push notifications by selecting a design, including the scripts on their website, and starting to earn.

Reasons to Choose Datspush

  • It includes a 24/7 support team. And a dedicated account manager, with a minimum bid of $0.001 and a minimum deposit of $50.
  • Publishers can profit from the Revshare model by obtaining a direct connection to the Datspush landing page.
  • Payouts are made daily to maintain the cash flow in your account.
  • Set up the campaign quickly and with complete confidence.
  • Real-time data, sophisticated audience targeting, and auto-blacklisting are all available.
  • Push advertising is displayed in an alert manner, resulting in a high CTR.



AdMaven is also one of the top alternatives you can try your hands on.

The platform promotes itself as a dynamic and comprehensive digital advertising network, providing unique solutions to advertisers and publishers.

AdMaven is a go-to platform in the digital marketing industry that focuses on improving online monetization strategies.

AdMaven offers advertisers high-quality direct traffic for better ROI and publishers high-performing advertisements to earn revenue from their sites and make more money.

Reasons to Choose AdMaven

  • Whether it’s push or native advertisements, you can integrate and go live in less than 5 minutes.
  • Payment arrangements are flexible, and there’s also an admin area for managing your ads.
  • Everything is transparent, and a personal account manager is always available to assist you at any point.
  • Your brand is always malware-free, delivering a wonderful customer experience.
  • With a high eCPM, publishers may monetize every impression and user, leading to large profits.
  • Get paid using popular payment options such as Paxum, Payoneer, and Wire transfer.



Last but not least, we have AdPushup.

It takes an original approach to ad optimization by offering A/B testing and layout optimization tools.

This tool enables publishers to test various ad positions and designs to identify the most effective combinations. AdPushup constantly improves its suggestions depending on user behavior through using machine learning.

The platform’s emphasis on improving the user experience while increasing ad income makes it an appealing alternative to consider.

It’s data-driven insights and automated optimization approaches enable publishers to achieve a healthy balance between income production and customer delight.

Reasons to Choose AdPushup

  • AdPushup supports A/B testing, allowing you to optimize ad placements for optimum income creation.
  • Its user-friendly interface lets publishers easily add and manage ad types.
  • The AI-driven optimization of AdPushup provides a balanced user experience and ad income.
  • Based on real-time performance data, the platform provides fine-grained analytics to fine-tune plans.
  • The layout optimization strategies used by AdPushup improve ad engagement and click-through rates.

Let’s Sum it up.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your advertising and publishing needs.

However, Looking at the features available to advertisers and publishers, these Adsterra options are worth giving a chance.

So, as a publisher, you can optimize earnings by monetizing your site visitors with these Adsterra alternatives.

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